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JFC Grounds Maintenance LLC.

Beyond Your Neighbor’s Lawn

Joe, founder of JFC Grounds Maintenance, started his business like many small business owners: from the ground up. Beginning in high school, he spent his free time cutting grass and shoveling snow in his neighborhood. Over time, JFC Grounds Maintenance officially formed and expanded into a full-service company with a team that maintains Joe’s passion for quality and personalized care.

Expanding to a Broader Market

JFC Grounds Maintenance approached Team 938 as part of a push to expand their existing client base from primarily individual homeowners to include larger commercial properties. We redesigned the current website to make it more inclusive of commercial services while making it exciting, responsive, and easy to maintain, expand and update. We developed custom infographics to highlight the client’s capabilities to compete with larger competitors in the industry. Additionally, we helped emphasize the client’s unique selling points of personalized care, quality work and expertise. This was accomplished by incorporating a resources section on the website that is easy to update / modify and an e-Newsletter with articles providing seasonal tips and tricks for caring for your property. Moving beyond the digital space, we developed two brochures with unique content for each client type.

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JFC Grounds Maintenance Website