From Big to Little and Everything In Between

Technology has given brands the opportunity to reach people on a massive scale while building intimate one-on-one relationships with their customers at the same time. But what does your brand say about you? And are you communicating the right way with the right audience?

We see this potential, and partner with our clients to help them build a loyal and long-lasting customer base. We’re freshly formed but are chock full of experience working with companies of all scales across a spectrum of industries.

What we can do for you.

The short answer is anything, but we specialize in a few key areas:

Brand Development

We build innovative and impactful brands that resonate with your target audience. Developing your brand is often the best way to start your marketing strategy.

Design & Illustration

Creative, elegant and functional design to make sure your message is easy to read and digest. When words aren't enough, we offer beautiful illustration and infographics.


Make your message even more engaging with motion. Content-rich animation captivates audiences and ensures your story is being absorbed.


Websites have become the new first impression for a brand. We create websites, e-mail campaigns, newsletters, and social media campaigns that utilize the latest technologies to reach your audience in the fastest, most effective way possible.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to your brand, it can say even more. The right photography can help elevate your company from the rest of your industry.


We're in the business of helping you get business. We can help you organize your message, create beautiful, easy-to-use digital presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote, or even design marketing leave-behind and other collateral.

Social Media

Talk to your audience one on one. Social media allows you integrate your brand in the lives of your clients and future clients on a daily basis.


Modern media for a modern age. Video is one of the most effective ways to get your message across and keep the interest of the ever decreasing attention span of today's brand consumer.


We're no Shakespeare but we can certainly get poetic with your brand. Let us find the right language to touch the hearts and minds of your audience.

Who We Are

John Newton

Founder / Creative

John Newton

John has over ten years of communications and branding experience, working with clients including Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore, ASUS, Comcast, The World Bank, RTKL, One Love Foundation, The Archdiocese of Baltimore, and NBC Universal. John’s work has been featured in a variety of publications and has received awards including AIGA 50 Award, HOW Magazine’s In-House Design Awards, Print, AIGA Blueridge Flux Design Show, and several SMPS awards. John has implemented his aesthetic, vast array of skills, uncanny concepts, and acute ability to problem solve through print, web, e-mail, illustration, animation, branding, 3-D, video, environmental graphics, and a variety of other platforms. He is a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art.

Claire Propsting

Communications Strategist

Claire Propsting

As communications strategist, Claire brings her background in journalism, marketing strategy and branding to help clients define, craft and hone their brand messages. In addition to the extensive writing and editing she does for our clients, she provides customized solutions to our customers’ communications problems and advises companies on everything from social media and blogging to internal communications and media strategy.

Prior to working with Team 938, Claire worked as a journalist before transitioning into corporate communications writing, branding and strategy. She has written extensively for magazines, newspapers and an array of digital content platforms.

How We Work

A winning strategy does not happen without the right team. This team includes Team 938, you and your audience. Each player must help to both inform and drive one another to have a strong brand within your industry. Through the combined knowledge of our clients’ experiences, audience behaviors and our research of industry trends, we work with our clients to help build their brands and communicate with clients in a meaningful way through both traditional and digital media.